Whether Revolve is designing and building your custom home, addition, renovation or fabricated design it all begins with a relationship and a concept. We want to know about you; your style, interests, and personality. Above all, we want to get to know the home you've always dreamed of owning. Every insight helps us create custom projects that elegantly express your tastes and facilitate your passions. Our greatest aim is to exceed your expectations. At the initial meeting we target your budget by identifying an expected cost per square foot. We determine this cost based on our experience and our conversations regarding your home's finishes and features.

After gathering this initial information we can create a conceptual design and start making selections of materials to be used in your home. While most builders wait for final plans, we review plans during the design process and provide opinions on feasibility of the design to identify challenges or better ways to achieve desired results. Once drawings and selections have been refined, we produce CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings or construction blueprints and 3D renderings that can be firmly bid and accurately built within your budget. 

We value your home and our community as our own and take extreme care from beginning to end with soils testing, asbestos/lead and radon testing, compaction testing, dust containment, surface protection, moisture testing, infrared cameras to locate penetrations in insulation or air barriers and environmentally conscientious alternative building methods. We use cloud-based project management software to store plans, specifications, budget, selections, change orders, live schedule, and all project communications accessible 24/7 to the entire team. 


Consulting Services

Our experienced and dedicated team provides a host of construction services including feasibility studies, pre-construction planning, interior design, lab testing, certifications and DIY consulting services. We are here for you.


What is Design–Build?

The Design–Build concept means that a single firm takes full responsibility of a complete project, minimizing the risk to the project owner and reducing the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases.


Custom Fabrication

Our local workshop can produce anything you can imagine. Our master craftsmen are dedicated to cohesive design.  We prioritize exceptional and hand-selected components in order to create pieces that are both elegant and functional.