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The Design/Build concept means that a single firm takes responsibility of a complete project, creating and managing a team of both design and construction professionals.

The “team” concept brings together all those involved at the beginning of the project. The team works together to develop mutual solutions for the project’s needs. Communication between the designer and builder occurs from day one. Designers are able to discuss an idea with builders before it goes on paper, and in turn, builders can add “in the field” efficiencies to the design.

At Revolve, we pledge to be the direct line of communication with the owner and accept single-source responsibility. Price competitively by working with a network of like-minded subcontractors and draw upon more than 60 years of experience working directly with owners getting jobs elegantly designed/built on budget, on time, and done right.

The average Design/Build project yields a savings of 20-25%. The Design/Build process, in sharp contrast to the bid method, allows the design team and construction team to have a true and complete understanding of each other’s needs. This understanding eliminates the extra time (and money) spent on unnecessary drawings and details. In many cases, the footings can begin before the plans are finalized, keeping projects on time and even ahead of schedule.

With Design/Build, the cost of a project is known at each phase of the design process, which allows owners to monitor costs alongside their budget. Knowing costs allows the owner to make decisions about where money is spent, even while the project is being designed. Using the traditional bid method, an owner will not know the exact costs until the bids are received. If the project is over budget, the owner has to pay the architect to redesign the plans to meet budget and, in that redesign process, the owner loses valuable time and money.