Consulting Services


Revolve has the resources and expertise to conduct a wide range of feasibility studies for residential new builds, pop-tops, additions, extensive renovations, Passive House and LEED certification projects. Feasibility studies determine what your city and or county requirements are and what they will allow you to build. With this information you can proceed with conceptual drawings and pre-construction planning that will save you both time and costly mistakes.


The pre-construction phase is crucial to a successful project. Revolve’s experienced team of estimators and project managers provide a host of pre-construction services, accurate cost estimates and timelines during early design, while identifying and correcting any potential issues prior to construction. We can look at plans that you already have and help improve or value engineer them to meet your construction budget and produce a detailed report that can save costly change orders down the road. We offer lead, radon and asbestos testing. We can also calculate energy efficiency and cost savings in building products or how to implement advanced building methods from Passive House Institute into your home.


Revolve’s interior designers will capture your vision and bring it to life. Our expertise spans from the greatest of details to the smallest, selecting everything from architectural finishes down to the artwork and textiles. We ensure our selections match both the quality and budget desired while meeting the proper codes and energy requirements of the project. To ensure we have a clear understanding of your vision for your space, we tailor an interior design process of face-to-face meetings that can include:

  • A design charrette — a creative brainstorming session to ensure there’s a clear understanding of the your overall vision for your home or space, this session usually involves viewing reference photos and sketching.
  • 2D/3D renderings — after the client has expressed satisfaction with the design concept, we present you with a visual/rendering of your home or space.
  • Finish Selections — our designers provide samples of the finishes, textures and fabrics that will be used in the your project so you have something to see, touch and feel.

Visualization is key to the interior design process and we ensure your satisfaction by giving you visuals throughout the process. Our interior designers work alongside our estimators, project managers, architects and engineers, which seamlessly creates a beautiful balance ensuring all elements in your project are taken into account throughout the design process. Through our strong attention to detail, communication, thoroughness and ability to deliver we believe your experience will be unmatched and your space's end result will be nothing short of exquisite.

DIY Consulting

Perhaps you are taking on your own project and need help with a specific problem or task you've never done that you can’t find a youtube video or blog for or simply prefer "hands-on" experience. All of our project managers have an extensive background with hands-on experience in residential homes and know the latest building methods and tricks of the trade that can assist you on your project. 

Maybe you want a second opinion on your ideas for your project and want to meet with one of our designers. Or could use their help picking out finish selections and or paint swatches to ensure you only have to do it once.

You can also save time and money by having one of our estimators provide a cost-estimate for your project so when you are running it on your own you know what subcontractors should be charging you. We can help you ask the right questions, avoid costly mistakes and hopefully relax a little through what can be one of the most stressful seasons of your life.