Revolve exists to build responsibly designed and intelligently crafted homes by building relationships with our clients, employees, suppliers, subcontractors and communities who value diligence, resourcefulness, artistry and superior craftsmanship. We love what we do and believe our collaborative passion, knowledge and excellence will surpass expectations.

Revolve is a design-build firm located in Denver Colorado. We are an eclectic group of professionals, friends and family that are devoted to knowledge, refining our work, making a positive impact in our relationships and a low impact on our planet. We only get one life to live on this beautiful planet so we hope the seeds we plant enrich the lives of our kids and future generations. Over a decade of renovating and improving high-end residences has convinced us that there is neglected potential in our homes. We rethink design-build. Homes should last the test of time and evolve with us; with thoughtful foresight we can design spaces that can easily be added or removed as families grow and live. With responsible forward-thinking design, we can include carriage homes for extra income potential or independent family members. We employ advanced methods such as Passive Home Building to create building envelopes so airtight that our body heat alone can produce the home’s heat. We build intelligent homes that use less energy. Imagine your home knowing what you need and when you need it. Rethinking our industry drives us to continually pursue the knowledge and skills required to design and build the impossible. We love what we do.

What do we all enjoy when we're not at work? Our families and Colorado. Local coffee shops, hiking 14’ers, local breweries, rafting, Bronco games, mountain climbing, local restaurants, biking, guitars, canoeing, film on the rocks, fly fishing, books and campfires, just to name a few.